British actress Jane Leeves has a special item she's going to miss dearly now her hit show Frasier has come to an end - a mouldy coffee cup with chewing gum stuck to it.

Leeves - who played DAPHNE on the show for 11 years opposite KELSEY GRAMMER, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin and JOHN MAHONEY saw the backstage item every time she filmed an episode for the comedy's entire run, and now she misses it.

She says, "I'm gonna get choked up about this. Daphne always entered from a certain place on the set because that's where her bedroom was supposed to be.

"I'd entered from that room for 11 years and it's been there since the first year - it's an old coffee cup with a bit of old gum in it and nobody ever moved it. A mouldy old coffee cup just sitting there.

"Somebody came to move it one day and I was like, 'Don't you touch that! That has been there for seven years!' I should've taken it with me."

06/05/2004 01:55