Former ALLY McBEAL star Jane Krakowski was unprepared for the demands for her latest role - especially since it involved being dropped from a great height.

The pretty actress is currently starring alongside Antonio Banderas in the Broadway show NINE and makes a showstopping entrance from the top of the theatre.

Krakowski laughs, "Good thing I don't have vertigo. Naturally I was concerned at first. When I learned what they had in mind for the scene, I thought, okay - it'd be a drop of maybe 16 feet (4.8 metres). Turned out it's more like 40 feet (12 metres).

"But I'm well taken care of. The guys load me into this swing above the set wall. When I'm secure, there's a rigging that lowers me down for the scene. If I were nervous, I'd probably shake myself right out of it."

28/04/2003 17:08