Actress Jane Kaczmarek added a unique touch to her nuptials with actor BRADLEY WHITFORD - by making the bridesmaids carry fruit and vegetables down the aisle instead of flowers.

The MALCOLM THE MIDDLE star and The West Wing's Whitford walked down the aisle in 1992, and Kaczmarek admits she wanted the day to be so perfect, she grew all of the flowers herself and made wreaths for the bridesmaids.

But her most eye-catching touch was her decision to add fresh produce to the proceedings.

She says, "My bridesmaids carried vegetables. Anyone who's out in the country, you know how beautiful fruit and vegetable stands are on the side of the road. I thought, 'Why flowers? Carry baskets of vegetables!'

"(One bridesmaid carried) tomatoes. One bridesmaid had plums. The problem is, do you know how heavy a basket of tomatoes is? This is like 10 pounds of tomatoes!"

22/06/2004 09:33