MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE star Jane Kaczmarek has discovered she'll have to have another hip replacement operation, less than a year after undergoing her first procedure.

The mother-of-three, and wife of THE WEST WING star Bradley Whitford, had the first surgery in April (04) and she'll now have to set a date to have another hip operation

She says, "Within a month I wasn't using a can anymore... it's so worth doing. I knew about five years before I needed it, and it got increasingly worse until it was so bad I couldn't go to the mall.

"I'd get in my car and drive to the next store because I couldn't walk from Macy's to Bloomingdales.

"(Now) I can walk a lot faster, and when you walk without limping, you start getting back into shape - you start saying yes to things again.

"I've got this big old honkin' scar on my leg, but it's a good excuse not to have to put on a swimming suit."

23/11/2004 21:14