British actress Jane Horrocks has vowed never to appear in a theatre production again - because she never gets to see her children when she's working on the stage.

The LITTLE VOICE star has just finished appearing in STEPHEN POLIAKOFF's SWEET PANIC at London's DUKE OF YORK'S THEATRE and found the schedule so punishing she now plans to work exclusively in television and film.

Horrocks, 40, told BBC radio presenter Steve Wright, "This may well be my last theatre appearance. I very much doubt I'll do it again."

An insider confirms, "She has two children and she hardly got to see them while she was in the play.

"Steven Poliakoff was directing his own work and had very strong ideas about what he wanted his actors to do. Jane would have found him far less flexible to work with than other directors she has worked with."

25/02/2004 01:54