Actress Jane Fonda upset former husband Ted Turner so much when she left him, he sat on their bedroom floor and wept.
The media mogul comes clean about the couple's 2001 divorce in his new autobiography Call Me Ted - and admits finding out Fonda had moved out of their Montana ranch was hard.
He writes, "When I first went back there without her after the divorce, Jane had taken all her things.
"Our closets faced each other's and when I saw her empty space, I sat down on the floor between them and cried."
Their split has previously been blamed on Turner being unhappy about Fonda's decision to become a practising Christian - but he insists this is far from the truth.
He adds, "My frustration was because she didn't discuss it with me. This sort of thing doesn't happen to someone overnight and having such an important matter dropped on me out of the blue made me realise just how much our communication had broken down."