Jane Fonda has claimed men are ''trained not to be empathetic and emotional''.

The 80-year-old actress has been married three times in the past - to Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner - before dating Richard Perry from 2009 until last year, but she has insisted it hasn't put her off the idea of finding a man.

She told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: ''I haven't given up on men. Let's just fix them. They're trained not to be empathetic and emotional.''

The star also opened up on the #MeToo movement, and insisted powerful men found to be abusing their role don't deserve to return to that same position.

She said: ''Bad guys shouldn't come back. Let them work at Starbucks. F**k it!

''Poor top executive lost his job? Let him sweep floors until he learns. He doesn't belong in the boardroom. Plenty of women belong there.''

Jane recently claimed that her life was ''defined by the men'' around her - including father Henry Fonda, and her three ex-husbands - but when she finally started living for herself instead of aiming ''to please'', she was able to be the person she was ''supposed to be''.

She said: ''Up until my sixties, I was to an extent, defined by the men in my life. I was brought up to please. I wanted my father to love me so I would turn myself into a pretzel to be what he wanted me to be, not necessarily what I already was. It took me getting into my sixties, and then I began to become who I was supposed to be all along.''