Jane Fonda worries about her ''loose skin'' and wrinkles in kissing scenes.

Though the 80-year-old actress - who has been married three times but is currently single - enjoys locking lips in real life, she gets preoccupied by her appearance if she has to get close to a co-star on a movie.

She admitted: ''In real life kissing is better now, but in movies I worry about the wrinkles.

'''ll be perfectly honest. You want it to be a beautiful thing - you don't want a lot of loose skin to be hanging when you kiss.

''If you move around too much, things start to fall!''''

The veteran actress can next be seen alongside Diane Keaton, 72, Candice Bergen, 72, and Mary Steenburgen, 65, in 'Book Club' - which sees their characters' love lives revitalised after they read the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' novels by E.L. James - and they enjoyed getting the chance to be the focal point of a film, rather than a minor or supporting role.

Mary told People magazine: ''I think the movie uses 'Fifty Shades' as a device to put a microscope on everybody's life and say, 'What are you missing?' I liked that. People don't put adult women in films and give them a life other than somebody's weird aunt.''

While they found it refreshing to play older women still interested in love and sex, Jane doesn't believe that desire is still a big part of life for all ladies of their age.

She said: ''I think it's very individual. Some people have closed up shop down there, and for others the sex only gets better.''

Jane previously revealed that sex has had a ''big impact'' on her life in a negative way, as she believes sexual abuse, ''betrayal'' and ''insecurity'' have become ''quite universal''.

She said: ''I don't think I'm the only woman whose life has been profoundly affected by issues of sexuality. Whether it's abuse, or wanting to please, or betrayal, or insecurity ... it's quite universal. Sex has had a big impact on my life - and not always in a good way.''