Jane Fonda has given Girls star Adam Driver a huge career boost by insisting he's going to become the world's biggest movie star.

The veteran actress worked with Driver in new movie This is Where I Leave You, and she was staggered by his talents.

She tells Wenn, "I have never worked with a young actor as talented as he is. He is gonna become the number one movie star in this country. This guy is the real deal. He is amazing.

"I've seen everything he's done. He is the most pure person of integrity. He was a Marine. He enlisted right after 9/11 and the only reason he didn't get sent overseas was because he broke his coccyx. Then he said, 'I wanna go to the hardest acting school there is', and so people said, 'Try Juilliard', and he went!

"He's a very pure human being; a really great one with incredible energy and unique. I've never worked with anyone like him before."

Driver is sure to become a household name when the new Star Wars film is released - he's one of the stars.