Actress Jane Fonda was astonished to discover her late actor father Henry Fonda declared his love for her on national television, because he never told her in person.

The KLUTE star and her emotionally-detached father Henry had a difficult relationship after her mother FRANCES committed suicide in 1950.

On Australian TV show ENOUGH ROPE, Jane admits she only recently discovered her father had spoken of his love for her.

Jane says, "Well, he said it on national television a number of times, but I only found that out recently.

"You know, it's a generational thing. It's not uncommon, and he did the best he could. It's more than that, though."

When asked if she got to say a proper goodbye to Henry before his 1982 death, Jane replies, "I did, yes, I did, before he died. I did (tell him I loved him), yes."