Movie star Jane Fonda, 74, claims she has never had such a fulfilling sex life and has discovered "true intimacy" with her partner Richard Perry. Fonda - who has been married three times - says she is more confident than ever about her desires as a woman.
Speaking to Hello magazine, Fonda - who currently stars in Aaron Sorkin's new series 'The Newsroom' - said, "When I had my knee replaced just over two and a half years ago, I found a lover. His name is Richard Perry, he is 70 and he is a music producer". Perry is best known for working with the likes of Rod Stewart and Carly Simon, and Fonda says she fell for him straight away, saying, "When I moved in with him I was still using crutches; we haven't been apart since.The only thing I have never known is true intimacy with a man. I absolutely wanted to discover that before dying. It has happened with Richard, I feel totally secure with him. Often, when we make love, I see him as he was 30 years ago". Going even further - somewhat expectantly - Fonda added, "At 74, I have never had such a fulfilling sex life. When I was young I had so many inhibitions - I didn't know what I desired". The actress also admits that she often changed herself in order to please the men in her life, but blames this on her father Henry Fonda, saying, "I don't want to make a cheap analysis, but when you have, like I did, a father incapable of showing emotion, who spends his life telling you that no one will love you if you aren't perfect, it leaves scars".
As well as her recurring role on The Newsroom, Fonda is also shooting the forthcoming drama 'The Butler', about the White House butler who served eight American Presidents over three decades. The film also stars James Franco, Liam Neeson and ALEX PETTYFER.