LATEST: Hollywood star Jane Fonda's mystery boyfriend was once married to her high school room-mate. Fonda revealed she had met a new man during appearance on David Letterman's talk show this week (08May07). She has refused to disclose the mystery man's name, but revealed more during a TV chat with pal Larry King last night. Fonda said, "Yeah. He was married, oddly enough, to my high school roommate. Although I never knew him then. "It's not a name that you would know. Just the women that have preceded me will appreciate it and they will know why I'm in love with him. But, no, this is very different for me. "He's retired. He comes from the business world. He's a creative person actually who is launching a new creative project that's kind of exciting." She insists the beau is very different from the alpha males she has been attracted to her whole life. Taking a swipe at her ex-husbands Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner, she adds, "Unlike some of my other husbands who will remain nameless, he doesn't suck up all of the oxygen in the room. "Like a lot of women, all of my life, I never felt that I could kind of hold my own space. I always thought I had to be with an alpha male that, you know, that would sort of validate me. I could never be validated on my own. "And I outgrew that. It took me a long time. Into my 60s. But I don't need a man to validate me anymore. I could be with just a really nice guy who is capable of showing up and loving me and that feels really good. "It's a nice thing for me to be able to feel this when I will be 70 in December, and, you know, the wisdom is that after a certain age, you can't have a really fulsome sexy, loving relationship. And hey, I'm here to prove that's not true. It just can get better."