Jane Fonda has told Georgia Rule co-star Lindsay Lohan to forget about celebrity and concentrate on building a fulfilling life. The pair clashed on the set of the movie after Lohan was reprimanded for turning up on set late - but they bonded soon after and Fonda praised the starlet's acting ability and change in attitude. The 69-year-old reveals she urged Lohan to spend less time filling celebrity magazines - and even offered to teach her gardening. Fonda told talk show host Larry King last night (09May07), "It's so important that young people understand that you're never number one forever. This is not going to last. And you have to have other things in your life besides celebrity. Or you're just going to end up lonely and unhappy. "So she has to begin to build the foundation of a life that's got stuff in it, not just celebrity. And also this isn't a dress rehearsal. This is it, man. This is real life. And if you blow it, you don't always have a second chance. "And mostly what I want to do is wrap my arms around her and take her away for about 20 years and teach her how to garden or something."