Jane Fonda is desperate to reunite with Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin for a sequel to hit 1980 film Nine To Five, but claims 20th Century Fox is stopping it from being made. The movie starred the three as beaten-upon office workers who turn the tables on their bullying boss - a concept Fonda is convinced could be rejuvenated for the 21st century. She told talk show host Larry King last night (09May07), "Fox owns it and they don't seem to want us to do it. We have let them know we want to do it - me and Dolly and Lily, we all want to do it, but it hasn't happened yet. It would have to be different. Because Nine to Five exposed the problems that were true then and it has kind of changed now. So you would have to really know what women office workers are facing today, which is different."