Actress Jane Fonda is in negotiations to reprise her role in a sequel to the hit 1980 movie Nine to Five.

Movie bosses are impressed by Fonda's return to the big screen in MONSTER-IN-LAW - in which she battles Jennifer Lopez over her doted-upon son, played by Michael Vartan.

And they are keen to sign Fonda up for a follow-up to the office comedy, in which she starred alongside Dolly Parton and LILY TOMLIN - because the other two leads have been ready and willing for some time.

A source tells website THE SCOOP, "They've wanted to for years. There's been scripts, potential directors, the works, but everyone thought that for it to really work, they'd need the three leads from the original film.

"They've talked to Fonda and think they can make this happen. There's some discussion that it might be called NINE TO FIVE THIRTY."

Fonda's spokeswoman Pat Kingsley, however, insists nothing has been agreed. She says, "There have been no serious conversations about that or any other film project at this time."

23/05/2005 17:49