OSCAR-winning actress Jane Fonda has urged young women to love themselves for who they are, because she grew up constantly striving to be perfect.

The KLUTE star, one of the most lusted after women on the planet in the 1960s and 1970s, recently revealed she became obsessed with her weight because her actor dad Henry Fonda made her feel ugly and unloved.

And yesterday (08JUN05) Fonda told UK organisation WOMEN'S INSTITUTE that girls should be proud of their looks.

Speaking at the Women's Institute's annual conference, Fonda said, "You don't have to be perfect.

"I grew up feeling in order to be loved I had to be perfect, which is terrible, because nobody is perfect. You are supposed to be complete, not perfect.

"And many, many girls feel this 'I am not good enough.'"

09/06/2005 13:32