Jane Fonda almost gave up on making film classic On Golden Pond because no one wanted to make a family film starring her ailing father Henry Fonda.

The actress teamed up with Bruce Gilbert in a bid to get the touching 1981 film made, and was shocked when no one wanted to back a movie featuring her acting legend father.

She recalls, "We couldn't get insurance because my dad was so sick. Nobody wanted to make the movie. I mean, who wants to make a movie about a couple of old guys and a young kid? We had to go to England to get money."

Fonda remembers that only the addition of reclusive Katharine Hepburn as her mother in the film gave financiers the push to back the film, but she admits working with the temperamental superstar was problematic at times.

Fonda recalls their very first meeting was hell because she failed to make it to a meeting between her and her father.

She recalls, "I was travelling through Appalachia with Dolly Parton. Katharine never forgave me that I wasn't there and the first time that I met her, you know what the first words she said to me were: 'I don't like you.'"

26/04/2005 09:09