Screen veteran Jane Fonda was shocked at how young her Monster-In-Law director Robert Luketic was when she first met him - and was incredulous "a child" could be capable of directing a movie.

The Antipodean film-maker, 31, was terrified of meeting 67-year-old Fonda, but he thought her reaction to his age was hilarious.

He recalls, "I remember sitting in the restaurant waiting for Jane Fonda.

"In she walked and people's heads turned. I'd gone to the restaurant so early I'd consumed three baskets of bread - it was either that or my fingers - from nerves.

"The maitre'd points me out and she walks over to the table and takes off her sunglasses.

"She looks me up and down and her opening line to me is, 'My God, you're a child.' That broke the ice."

22/07/2005 05:25