Jane Fonda has moved on from her past as an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War, but insists conservative right-wing politicians still use her to intimidate people who speak out against the war. The MONSTER-IN-LAW star is adamant conservatives have continued to spread damaging rumours long after she apologised for some of her controversial anti-war actions during the 1960s-1970s conflict. She explains, "The right wing has worked very hard to keep the myth of Hanoi Jane alive. "Lies have been spread and continue to be spread on the internet about things I supposedly did that I didn't do. "I'm a good symbol. I'm a lightening rod for right wing ideology and it's useful for them, 'You don't want to speak out, because you'll be like that traitor Jane Fonda.'" The CHINATOWN star resists speaking out against the current war in Iraq, because it would provide a distraction from the real issues. She adds, "I don't want to give the media and the right-wing war mongers the ammunition to distract from the basic issue, which is most Americans are opposed to the war."