Movie icon Jane Fonda beat her ex-husband with a car phone after she discovered he was cheating on her just a month into their marriage.

The 67-year-old BARBARELLA star has revealed all about her life and loves in new autobiography My Life So Far, and she admits she was absolutely enraged when she found out media mogul Ted Turner had cheated on her.

In the book she recalls, "I remember sitting there, my heart pounding, my mind imploding... Ted was ashen when he got into the car, behind the wheel.

"That's when I began hitting him about the head and shoulders with the car phone... 'I sure hope it was great... because you just blew it with me.'"

"I left him and then I forgave him and we got back together and he never betrayed me again until the end when he knew the marriage was falling apart and he needed to find my replacement."

06/04/2005 03:14