BARBARELLA star Jane Fonda is getting a late lesson in motherhood - from her adult daughter VANESSA.

Fonda admits that when 36-year-old Vanessa was a baby, she wasn't as great a parent as she could have been.

But she's amazed to see what a great mother her offspring has grown up to become since giving birth to two children of her own.

Fonda says, "I didn't really know how to be a parent. I'm trying to make that up to her now.

"(Our relationship is) a work in progress. It's never too late... I learn a lot from watching her. When she tells me things about myself, I always have to pay attention, although it may make me mad at first, because there's always a kernel of truth in it. I'm in awe of how she is as a mother."

06/04/2005 09:19