Singer/actress Jane Birkin was often left exasperated with her late second husband Serge Gainsbourg's drinking, which ended up pushing her into the arms of her third spouse Jacques Doillon. Gainsbourg was such a national icon in his native France, British Birkin had to endure endless nights of adoring fans buying him drinks and persuading him to party. But she soon became tired of playing second fiddle to the superstar while simultaneously watching him destroy himself, and soon found film-maker Doillon was a better bet. Birkin recalls, "It was sad and difficult. But he was so sweet the day after (excessive drinking). 'Oh, did I really do that? Oh, sorry?' "But it was no longer four or five nightclubs, it was always the same one, and anyone who could buy him a drink would ask him to play the piano. "In France he was a mythology, the greatest person since RIMBAUD. "It was like being CHOPIN's wife. There I'd be at 6am, saying, 'Oh, let's go home!' "You think, 'Will anyone find me for me?' and you fall for a beautiful young director who says, 'It's you, it's you, I don't want to film you nude." Birkin and Gainsbourg were married from 1968 to 1980. Gainsbourg died in 1991 aged 62.