Jane Asher thinks ''glamorous, mega-famous stars'' are the perfect people to front the Time's Up campaign.

The 72-year-old actress has voiced her support for the campaign against sexual harassment and abuse, which was sparked by the Hollywood sex scandal, and has also rubbished suggestions celebrities shouldn't be connected to the movement.

She explained: ''It has the potential to achieve real change. People get annoyed when they see 'celebrities' doing what they consider to be jumping on the bandwagon but we have to face the fact it's those glamorous, mega-famous stars who get the coverage to spread these important messages across.''

Jane has worked as an actress since her childhood and her lengthy career has seen her star in various TV shows and films, such as 'Deep End' and 'The Masque of the Red Death'.

But there's one project in particular that makes her feel especially proud.

Asked to name the TV or film project she's most proud of, Jane shared: ''A film we made of Channel 4 many years ago called 'Closing Numbers' explored the then very contentious subject of HIV and Aids in a way that was un-sensationalist while still making a very good drama.

''I played the wife of a man who turned out to be bisexual and to have contracted HIV during a one-night stand. I think all of us were proud to be part of a piece that didn't pander to the hysterical and misleading reaction to the crisis at the time.''

Despite her career success, Jane - who was once the girlfriend of Sir Paul McCartney - admitted she still gets mistaken for other people.

The actress confessed: ''I never know when someone comes up to speak to me which 'Jane' they are seeing - the actress they've seen in something like 'Holby City', someone in a play or film, or the woman who bakes cakes.

''It's even sometimes the writer of a novel they've enjoyed. I'm happy to answer to any description.

''I did once get asked by a taxi driver, 'Didn't you used to Jane Asher?' I found it quite hard to answer, although 'yes' was perfectly true, I guess.''