The Whiskey singer was targeted earlier this week (27Mar17) when she posted pictures of herself and her 13-month-old daughter Jolie visiting Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida and swimming with dolphins.

Followers and fans accused her of being insensitive to the happiness of animals by visiting the SeaWorld park, prompting Jana to take the photos down.

She later reposted them on Instagram and told her haters, "I had an incredible day at @discoverycove... and I learned so much about each one (of the dolphins), met the trainers, and I asked very specific questions as to how they were being taken care of."

The former One Tree Hill star added that although she would prefer it if the dolphins at Discovery Cove were still living in the sea, she believed they were well cared for.

"Do I feel sad that they should be in the wild, sure, but they are being loved there and they are getting fed," she added.

Appearing on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday (30Mar17), Jana went even further, insisting she wasn't going to let critics ruin her daughter's upbringing.

"I understand people have their beliefs about dolphins in captivity and all that, but she (daughter) was being a fussy girl and I wanted to just take her out and see some dolphins...," she said. "I was raised on going to aquariums and zoos and I want her to see those things."