Jamiroquai star Jay Kay has been accused of threatening a pet breeder in a foul-mouthed phone rant about his dog last week (ends16May10).
The singer can allegedly be heard hurling abuse in the voice message he left for Carole Brooks, who had asked for permission to breed Kruger, the rare Blue German Shepherd she sold him.
In the recorded rant, a man believed to be Kay shouts, "You need to get something through your f**king head. You breed dogs, I bought one off you, now it's my dog.
"I'm not f**king joking... You f**k me about with f**king emails and messages anymore I'll personally come down there and sort it out - do you understand me? You don't f**king dare send me messages, he's now part of my f**king family."
And Brooks, who suffers from an anxiety disorder, admits the message has left her terrified. She tells Britain's News of the World, "I can't listen to it without shaking. I'm scared to leave the house anyway, but this has made it worse."