Harry Redknapp has found support from his son Jamie Redknapp in the last couple of weeks. The television pundit has accompanied the Tottenham Hotspur manager to court repeatedly as the 64 year-old faced up to tax evasion charges that could've seen him face considerable jail time. The Guardian reports that he was there this morning on February 8th 2012 to share the news that both Redknapp and current Sheffield Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric were acquitted of the charges of paying 189,00 into an offshore account to avoid tax. The original claim had come from the time that both were manager and chairmen respectively at Portsmouth FC.
Coming out of the court room, Mandaric was brief in his chat with the press, stating "I would rather not talk much now, and I'm quite sure you understand that. I've got to go somewhere to try to pinch myself and wake me up from that horrible dream that I had in the past. As we said in the statements, I always believed in the truth, and always believed in the British justice system."
Redknapp's comments too were brief, stating that the whole ordeal had been a "nightmare" and that the case "should never have come to court." He'll now be desperate to get back to his Tottenham Hotspur side who still have an outside chance of figuring in the title race for the English Premier League, despite faltering in recent weeks - no doubt in part due to the recently concluded court case.