Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has landed a weekly slot on the Channel 4 daytime Richard and Judy.

The star will be cooking up recipes from his new book, Jamie At Home, which are also featured in his new TV show on Channel 4.

Oliver begins his stint today, where he's cooking courgette carbonara to coincide with this week's Jamie At Home theme of courgettes in all meals.

The chef said: "It's great to be back. Richard is so keen to get stuck in, we always have a laugh.

"He's a decent cook, he's cooked me lunch."

After last year's Jamie's School Dinners quest, the TV chef has returned to more familiar ground in his new series.

The programme follows Oliver pottering around his garden as he selects ingredients to various fresh meals.

Last week's episode centred around tomatoes, with sausage and tomato casseroles and salads.

14/08/2007 15:25:55