Chef Jamie Oliver has been criticised by the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom for promoting his own products in a Channel 4 show.

Viewers complained that Oliver made several references to his Flavour Shaker product as well as demonstrated its use during the Jamie at Home series.

The broadcasting watchdog ruled that two episodes within the series breached the strict guidelines forbidding "undue prominence" to products or services.

Channel 4 admitted that the references were "unduly prominent" but claimed they were justified.

The Jamie at Home series was produced by Fresh One Productions, owned by Oliver.

In September the chef named the product and then spent two minutes demonstrating how to use it.

Further references were then made to the Flavour Shaker in an episode in October.

Ofcom criticised the television channel for failing "to ensure full editorial control over the content" of its show.

Jamie Oliver has become a well-known television chef and is seen as a champion for improving school dinners.

11/02/2008 17:48:43