Jamie Oliver refuses to have a vasectomy because he's ''petrified'' of trainee doctors taking selfies of his private parts.

The 41-year-old chef has five kids - Poppy, 14, Daisy, 13, Petal, seven, Buddy, six, River, three months - with wife Jools and while he is keen to put a stop to extending his brood any further, he is too ''shy'' to have the procedure done.

He said: ''I'd go and get it done tomorrow in secret if I wasn't petrified of having a brigade of trainee doctors all taking selfies around my vasectomy.

''I'm just a bit shy, to be honest. I'm old fashioned - I don't like getting my gems out in front of the public.''

While Jamie is frightened about baring his bits to people, he managed to scare his family last Christmas when he dressed up in a ''slightly see-through'' Santa suit.

He added: ''I think they thought I was some kind of dodgy geezer.

''Instead of spending up on a quality velvet outfit, I invested in something that was highly inflammable and slightly see-through.

''I looked like a dirty Santa. I jumped out and said, 'Hi!' and the two little kids just screamed and started to cry. I won't do that again.''

Jamie doesn't dress his tree with his family until a week before Christmas Day (25.12.16), but admits his house is always carnage on the decorating day.

He added to Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''There are tears everywhere - except mine.

''The place is full of wires and fairy lights, hyper-active kids and moody teenagers treading on bulbs and falling on things and stuff getting broken and fusing the house.

''It's like a ritual now - you think, 'I hope no one gets electrocuted.'

''But then we turn all the lights off, switch the tree lights on and it's all lovely.''