Jamie Oliver wants to be cremated in a wood-fired oven when he dies.

The 41-year-old chef - who shot to fame with his debut cooking show 'The Naked Chef' in 1999 - has admitted he wants his funeral to have a ''culinary feel'' and when he passes away he would like his remains to be burned in a cooker where pizzas are made.

Speaking about his last wish to Weekend magazine, he said: ''I'd be burnt in a wood oven.

''I've got to keep it culinary!''

And the father of four - who has daughters Poppy, 14, Daisy, 13, and Petal, seven, five-year-old son Buddy and is expecting his fifth child with his wife Jools - has revealed he would also want Jamie Cullum to perform at the service and sing Jon Bon Jovi's 1986 hit 'Livin' On a Prayer'.

He explained: ''Jamie Cullum would sing Bon Jovi's 'Livin' On A Prayer'''.

Meanwhile the television personality and restaurateur has admitted raising a family is ''really hard'' and he is thankful to have such a supportive wife.

Speaking previously, he said: ''She definitely keeps me real and I can only do the things I do that are remotely interesting because she keeps the fort and affects the things we do.

''I think nurturing a family brings out the best in people. It's really hard.

''I mean, it's a graft and it's nuts - like it is for all other parents. They're always 30 seconds away from anarchy.''

Jamie's eldest daughter is currently ''pretending'' she isn't interested in her father's work, and though he knows they'll all go through periods of disinterest, he thinks they'll eventually come back to him for help when they realise he isn't ''embarrassing'' after all.

He explained: ''The teenager is just pretending not to care at the moment. But it's all in there.''