Jamie Oliver has hinted he might have more children.

The 43-year-old chef - who has Poppy, 16, Daisy, 15, Petal, nine, Buddy, seven, and 21-month-old River with wife Jools - has previously ruled out having more kids, but has seemingly had a change of heart as he won't rule out adding to his brood again.

Asked if he'll have more kids, he said: ''I don't know. We're not trying but you never know - I can't say there won't be more kids.

''Since Jools was 18, a big family was the only thing she wanted.

''When she said big I thought she meant two kids!''

Jamie admitted he finds it much harder to parent his teenagers than the younger children.

He said: ''Sometimes I ask [the older ones] to rate how I'm doing... They said I was a six and a half a year ago because I was a bit baffled by teens, but I'm definitely a nine with the little ones.

''My brain is much more at that level.

''The older ones are so clever - they destroy me.''

When it comes to his children, Jamie and Jools are ''strict-ish'' parents, but he admitted there's a lot to deal with in raising teenagers that he's unsure about.

He told Britain's OK! magazine: ''We're getting into boyfriend land and we're the first generation of parents learning about kids using social media and it's tough.

''Jools and I monitor them closely, because if they use a phone I pay form under my roof, then I want to see what they're doing. We're strict-ish.''

Both Jamie and his 'Friday Night Feast' co-host Jimmy Doherty - who has four daughters with wife Michaela Furney - love having large families, even though they never expected to have so many kids.

Jamie said: ''We both grew up with just one sibling. Every time we see each other, we spend the first 20 minutes saying, 'How did this happen?' And the next 20 minutes saying how great it is.''