Jamie Oliver is planning to surprise his wife Jools with a tattoo.

The 43-year-old chef - who has children Poppy, 16, Daisy, 15, Petal, nine, Buddy, eight, and 21-month-old River with his spouse - admitted he thinks he's too old for body art, but he can't resist the idea of getting a ''hippy and philosophical'' design etched on his skin.

He said ''I won't tell Jools, it'll be a surprise.

''I'm going to get a tattoo done by an artist called Dr. Woo, who Fearne Cotton put me on to.

''Now, I know tattoos are not made for my generation - I'm not a hipster and I don't have a beard - but I want one now.

''My erotic side is thinking about having it done on my inner thigh or buttocks, but Jools wouldn't like that. She'd give me a slap!

''So I'm thinking maybe the inner arm - I'd have something profound, a little bit hippy and philosophical. I just don't know what yet.''

But Jamie wouldn't be happy if his teenage daughters wanted tattoos.

He said: ''Tattoos are not for gorgeous young people but they're fine once you're on the turn, like me.

''What's the point in keeping your body pristine?''

While Jamie admitted he is careful about moisturising regularly to maintain his youthful look, the 'Friday Night Feasts' star won't be having wrinkle-smoothing Botox injections.

He told Closer magazine: ''I haven't had Botox. The first thing you learn when you go to catering college is that botulinum is a dangerous thing, so I'm too scared to have it.

''I'm worried it'll come back and bite me in the ass some day.''