Jamie Oliver thinks his daughters are ''better parents'' than he is.

The 41-year-old chef has kids Poppy, 14, Daisy, 13, Petal, seven, Buddy, six, and River, four months, with wife Jools and is always impressed with how well the teenagers care for the younger members of the family.

He said: ''Even with Buddy, Poppy and Daisy were incredible adult figures. Sometimes I think they're better parents than I am.''

Poppy and Daisy were present at their youngest brother's birth and Poppy even cut River's umbilical cord, with Jamie catching the ''magic'' moment on camera.

He said:'' Often mums have to work hard for teenage girls and I just thought it was an amazing moment to respect your mum for being pretty damn incredible.

''It was just magic and I got it on camera as well.''

The culinary expert admits he is learning slowly about being a father to teenagers, as it doesn't come as naturally to him as parenting younger kids.

He told Woman magazine: ''I wouldn't say I'm a natural parent of teenagers, but I am picking it up.

''I'm definitely good at the toddler bit and the baby bit, but you know, you're just tryin to duck and drive and learn what they need and what they do and don't like from parents.

''I think Jools and I are quite normal and we want the kids to be kind and nice people.

''She's a great mum and I try to do the bit that dads do too, which is a hard one to navigate, but they like me around.

''Normally celeb kids can be a little bit up and down so I'm trying to keep them grounded and normal and give them experiences that make them nice people.''