Jamie Oliver's children have life-size cardboard cutouts of One Direction.

The 41-year-old celebrity chef has revealed his two daughters Poppy Honey, 12, and Daisy Boo, 12, stash their stand-up versions of Harry Styles and Niall Horan in their bedroom and, although they've had them for a while, he's given a fright every night when he goes to check on them.

Speaking to closer magazine, he said: ''The girls have life-size cut-outs of the two of them [One Direction] in their room and every night I get the shock of my life when I see the shadow of these two blokes, thinking they might be burglars because the girls always move them around.''

And it's not just the youngsters that have developed an obsession with the handsome pop stars as his wife Jools - who he married in 2000 - has also jumped on board the craze.

He explained: ''Seriously, I'm nobody to Jools, Poppy and Daisy - they're all obsessed with Harry and Niall. Jools actually took them to sit outside Harry's house once, but it wasn't proper stalking because he lives quite near us. Still, she was just as excited as they were.''

The couple also have six-year-old daughter Petal Blossom, five-year-old son Buddy Bear and another little one on the way.

And, although Jamie had originally said that four kids were enough, he has admitted he caved when his wife begged him to have one more.

He said: ''Jools wanted one more, so what could I do? Women have final control. She just loves being a mum and she's fantastic at it. In a month from now, the house is going to get noisier and sleep's going to get bumpier - I can't believe we're going to be back in nappies again.''