Jamie Oliver allows his children to swear for 60 seconds over the festive period.

The celebrity chef bans his kids - Poppy, 15, Daisy, 14, Petal, eight, Buddy, seven, and 16-month-old River, who he shares with wife Jools - from saying expletives all year round but makes a one-minute expectation at Christmas time.

He said: ''I love it but as a dad, I don't like it. I say, 'How do you know that?' My boy makes them rhyme as well.''

While Jamie doesn't like his kids using inappropriate language, he has been known to use the odd innuendo while writing recipes for some of his cookery books.

Speaking on Sky One's 'The Russell Howard Hour', which will air tonight (14.12.17), he added: ''I do write a couple of pervy recipes in each book.

''The best food to arouse? Light, not spicy. Something soft and easy.''

Jamie recently admitted he doesn't think he's ''very good'' father to his teenage girls.

He said: ''It is a struggle with nappies all over the house and stair gates, we've got three sets of kids - we've got teenagers so that's revision, hormones, the whole thing. I'd give myself a six out of 10 as a dad to teenagers. I don't think I'm very good to be honest.

''And they're girls, which is really hard and they're not interested in much I've got to offer.

''And then the others are six and eight and I'm pretty good at that. And then one is a baby and we're back to the beginning.''