Jamie Oliver is considering retiring.

The 42-year-old chef has built up a huge business empire and is in a position where he doesn't need to work, and he likes the idea of being at home every day so he can be a hands-on father to his and wife Jools' large brood, Poppy, 15, Daisy, 14, Petal, eight, Buddy, seven, and 15-month-old River.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I have not told anyone this in the public domain. I am 42 now, I have got five kids and I am sort of actually looking at my days.

''I try to be a good dad. I could retire. So I am kind of going, 'Well, why do I not take my boy to school every day?' ''

The 'Friday Night Feast' star also admitted his work is far more chaotic than he ever shows on screen.

He said: ''The public see Jamie jazz hands. But behind the scenes my office is like a mini Disney.''

While he's thinking of retiring, it may not be for a while as Jamie recently admitted he's considering a 20-year anniversary special of his breakthrough TV show, 'The Naked Chef', which first hit screens in 1999.

He said: ''We're going to go nuts and have a year of celebrations. We're going to revisit the old show with a retrospective special.

'''The Naked Chef' was cool. I wouldn't say I'm cool any more, I like to think I'm maturing appropriately. I still feel like a kid at heart.''

Meanwhile, Jamie recently admitted he doesn't think he's a ''very good'' dad to his older kids.

He said: ''It is a struggle with nappies all over the house and stair gates, we've got three sets of kids - we've got teenagers so that's revision, hormones, the whole thing. I'd give myself a six out of 10 as a dad to teenagers. I don't think I'm very good to be honest.

''And they're girls, which is really hard and they're not interested in much I've got to offer. And then the others are six and eight and I'm pretty good at that. And then one is a baby and we're back to the beginning.''