Jamie Oliver's penis once ballooned after he burnt it while cooking a romantic meal in the nude.

The 41-year-old restaurateur - who earnt himself the title 'The Naked Chef' when he first hit television screens in 1999 due to his basic cooking methods - tried to impress his wife Jools a few years back by whipping off his kit and serving her up a fishy feast for Valentine's Day.

But his sweet gesture didn't go according to plan as his manhood dangled over the oven when pulled out the baked sea bass and the heat scorched the end of his precious crown jewels.

Speaking on the 'Graham Norton Show', he said: ''I was cooking naked at home while preparing a whole sea bass and I had a new fan-assisted oven. And when I opened the door a jet of hot steam attacked my manhood. It was a weird thing in life - the worst and best time in my life. Worst because the pain was so bad; but best because my private parts expanded!''

As a result of his kitchen disaster, their indoor date night had to be cut short because Jamie - who has kids Poppy, 14, Daisy, 13, Petal, seven, Buddy, six, and River, three months, with his wife had to spend the rest of the evening with frozen peas resting on his member to help cool it down.

He explained: ''Sadly it didn't turn out to be the romantic night I had planned. I ended up sitting with some frozen Green Giant (peas) on my old fella!''

Jamie recently admitted he and Jools had hired a night nanny to help them out with their brood.

He said: ''Sleep deprivation makes the most wonderful people just, unreasonable.

''It hit us hard this year, really hard, because you know we've got two teenagers and it's teenagers things, and you've got a six and a seven year old as well, and they're up as well.

''I've got a night nurse, and she started a week ago, so five weeks in, so you know, we got battered for five weeks, and I was trying to help out, and do the night feed, and then go and do 15 hours of filming at the end of Southend pier, and that was tough.''