Delia Smith's new cookery book is set to outsell the current efforts from Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson, it has been predicted.

How to Cheat at Cooking, Delia's first book in four years, is likely to show the chef's continued popularity in the face of new celebrity chefs as well as instigating a veritable stampede for the brands named in the book.

A six-part series to accompany the book will begin on the BBC this spring, showing viewers how to use shortcuts and pre-prepared foods to improve their cuisine.

And ahead of the book's expected popularity, Asda has quadrupled its stock of products featured in the book's 150 recipes.

A spokesman for the supermarket said: "Delia's accessible and realistic approach is a recipe for success. So much so we are confident that it will put Jamie Oliver sales on the backburner."

Amy Worth, books manager for, said advance figures showed How to Cheat at Cooking was likely to be a massive success.

"Most interestingly, Delia's How To Cheat At Cooking has achieved higher pre-order sales on than either Nigella Express or Jamie At Home," she explained.

"That alone would lead us to believe that it has the potential to be one of the biggest sellers of the year and possibly of all time."

It is believed the book aims at addressing a perceived class-divide between supposedly high-level food and what the majority of families actually eat on a day-to-day basis.

15/02/2008 12:52:10