A woman used as a decoy for Jamie Lynn Spears at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) last year (08) is suing the building's police department for $2 million (GBP1.3 million) - because they failed to warn her of the danger she would face posing as the star.
The incident took place in September (08), when Britney Spears' younger sister was due to return to the city after giving birth to her daughter Maddie.
Cops at LAX tried to divert paparazzi from following Jamie Lynn on 11 September 11 by flanking impromptu doppelganger Adessa Eskeridge and escorting her to baggage claim.
Eskeridge, who was flying on the same plane as Spears, claims authorities told her, "You're going to help us with something" as she disembarked the aircraft.
She filed suit against LAX police last month (Dec08) - and now it has emerged Eskeridge alleges she "was not given any details as to the nature of the task or the potential danger involved. She simply followed the instructions of the police as most good citizens would do."
Legal papers filed by Eskeridge's attorney R.J. Molligan allege the police "did not want to subject Ms. Spears to the pushing, shoving, humiliation and possible physical injury that come with the paparazzi, but instead decided that Ms. Eskeridge was not important enough to give the same protections to."
The documents continue, "(Eskeridge was) never informed that upon deplaning, she would be mobbed by the paparazzi, that she would be in fear of her well-being, that her picture would be taken and that video of her would be all over the internet."
Eskeridge is seeking a "fair and reasonable settlement" for what her attorney calls a "false arrest", because of the "great humiliation" she suffered, and continues to suffer, having "her identity made synonymous with 'fake Jamie Lynn Spears - a nobody".
At the time of the incident, a spokesman for the LAX Police Department declared an internal investigation was being held because the force had no such policy to provide a decoy for celebrities.