Jamie Lynn Spears is back, in country form! The younger sister of pop superstar Britney Spears played her first show in Nashville, Tennessee last night (November 8th 2011) which is the Mecca for all country artists. Far from her big sister's pop star extravagance, it was a stripped down show in which the 20 year-old played a set of her own original songs to an audience which included her family - bar Britney - and other close friends.
Although being the younger sibling of a globally successful pop act can't have harmed younger Spears' rise to prominence, she is also well known for starring in 'Zoey 101', the Nickelodeon series, between 2005 and 2007 before falling pregnant in 2008 aged 16 and going on to give birth to Maddie, now three years old. Reports suggest it was an emotional night for all concerned, with Jamie's mother in the crowd; she said of her daughter's appearance "I am so emotional tonight," with father Jamie agreeing and adding, "We are so proud of her." Later in the evening, Spears took to Twitter to express her delight at how her debut had gone, saying "Just wanna thank all my amazing friends and family for coming out tonight!!!"
Spears has been living in Nashville for the past two years, the concert took place at The Rutledge.