Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend CASEY ALDRIDGE is back on his feet just days after he was injured in a car crash in Louisiana on Sunday (26Apr09).
Aldridge, the father of Spears' 10-month-old daughter Maddie, had to be airlifted to hospital after swerving into a ditch following a night of celebrations at a cousin's bachelor party.
He was treated for mild brain trauma and a fractured skull at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and was moved out of the intensive care unit (ICU) on Tuesday (28Apr09).
But his recovery has been going better than expected and Aldridge - who turned 20 on Wednesday (29Apr09) - was able to get out of his hospital bed and walk around on Tuesday for the first time since the accident.
A source tells People.com, "He came out of ICU. (He was up) walking around twice (on Tuesday). He was a little wobbly because that's the first time he's been up since the wreck."
Aldridge was one of three people injured in the incident when they were thrown from the vehicle as it flipped over. Two other passengers escaped unscathed.
Police have hit Aldridge with a misdemeanour charge of careless operation of a vehicle - but authorities have ruled out both drink and drugs as the cause of the accident.