THE SOPRANOS star Jamie Lynn Sigler was left stunned by a letter from a fan, who thanked the actress for helping her see she had an eating disorder.

The actress, who struggled with her own crippling eating disorder when she started out in The Sopranos, recently created a bracelet to raise funds for her charity foundation, which aims to help bulimics and anorexics.

But the charm bracelet has become a way for families and friends to tell anorexics that they know they have a problem. And one fan made Sigler see just how important her small piece of jewellery is.

The actress recalls, "I got this letter from this young girl who said her sister went out and bought her the bracelet. Nobody had talked to her about her problem before, or even mentioned it, but knew she had a problem.

"She didn't know how to approach it and she saw the foundation's website on the back of the charm bracelet and wrote and said, 'This scares me because I didn't know anybody knew I had a problem and my sister just gave me this bracelet to show me she supported me in a silent way. I think I want to get help now.'

"I just got chills up my arm. It's amazing to know that my efforts are working. I just want to help people and by being candid with my life and if that's enough to help a person that's amazing."