Newly-single THE SOPRANOS star Jamie-Lynn Sigler has found a new man to celebrate Valentine's Day (14FEB06) with - former 'N SYNC singer Lance Bass.

The pair have been friends for many years and now they're falling in love in a new Disney children's TV series, which will air in America on 14 February (06).

Sigler will voice a lovestruck teacher on hit show HIGGLYTOWN HEROES, and her character, Miss Fern, will fall for Bass' MR ELECTRICIAN during a special St Valentine's Day episode.

Sigler says, "We mentioned to Disney how funny it would be if Miss Fern and the electrician got together as a joke. Lo and behold up comes this Valentine's Day episode."

The actress insists she's upbeat about spending St Valentine's Day alone - after splitting from husband AJ DiSCALA last year (05).

She adds, "I've been single on Valentine's Day before. It's not gonna be an emotional thing for me. I'm not gonna look at it that way. It's a new year and a new beginning and I love all the candy that comes out on Valentine's Day.

"I have great family and friends that I love and that is really what the day is about - love. It doesn't necessarily have to be celebrated with a boyfriend or a husband or anything... I'm not one of those bitter people who hate it or think that it's pointless. I think it's a good day."