Jamie Lee Curtis teased she has wrapped up filming 'Halloween' despite only starting shooting two weeks ago.

The 59-year-old actress is set to reprise her role as Laurie Strode - a role she first played in 1978 - in the latest installment in the slasher franchise, and at the end of January, she took to Twitter to reveal that shooting has begun.

However, just 15 days later, Curtis has posted a picture on Instagram to say goodbye to the friends she made in Charleston - where the film was being shot.

She wrote: ''So sad to leave all my new friends in Charleston.

''Thanks to @kuduchs for the friendship and morning noon and night caffeination and carbohydrates, @hajsalon for my much-needed wash and trim, @dogwashcharleston for my little dog's much-needed wash and trim, the stylish folks @hampdenclothing for my new kicks and mostly to everyone @thedewberrycharleston for their hospitality and elegant, comfortable care. #halloweenmovie @halloweenmovie (sic)''

It is unclear whether this means the entire film has wrapped up or whether Curtis' iconic character will meet an early demise from the hands of psychopathic killer Michael Myers.

The reboot of the popular franchise - which has had 10 movies based around its story in total - is set to take the story of babysitter Laurie and white-masked murderer Michael Myers back to their roots.

Co-writer Danny McBride recently revealed his version of Myers will be faithful to John Carpenter's original idea for the cinematic serial killer, and will ignore many of the traits put upon him by the more recent instalments, such as making him a super-powered murderer who cannot be killed.

The new 'Halloween' movie is set for release in October this year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original movie's release, and will also see original Michael Myers actor Nick Castle return to the franchise.