Jamie Lee Curtis thinks women ''have suffered forever'' throughout history.

The 59-year-old actress has argued that women have been forced to deal with different forms of persecution and discrimination over centuries and has explained that the new 'Halloween' movie - which sees three generations of women fighting back against psychopath killer Michael Myers - has explored the theme.

Jamie - who has reprised her role once again as Laurie Strode in the latest movie in the long-running franchise - explained: ''Women have suffered forever. The abuse and oppression and violence, be it sexual violence, workplace manipulation, physical violence [or] oppression, we have suffered it forever. This is a movie about one woman and her daughter and her granddaughter who face it.''

'Halloween' made history during its weekend opening in the US, becoming the biggest debut ever for a horror film with a female lead.

But Jamie is also proud of the movie's success for another reason.

She told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: ''It was the biggest opening for any movie with a woman over 55. And that's the one I'll wear the pin for because I represent that.

''I've tried to make that a part of my own personal platform of integrity and transparency.''

However, the veteran actress admitted she cannot fathom exactly why the film has been so well-received by fans.

Jamie - who first starred as high school babysitter Laurie in the original 'Halloween' movie in 1978 - said the box office returns proved that no one ''knows anything'' about what makes a movie successful.

She said: ''It tells us that the stars aligned and you have the alchemy that we will never understand about the movie business. No one knows anything. This is the 11th 'Halloween' movie and it's bigger than any of the other 'Halloween' movies. I don't know why.''