The leading ladies developed a tight bond while goofing around behind the scenes of the 2003 Disney family flick, about a mother and daughter who magically switch bodies.

Curtis hosted the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Grants Banquet on Thursday (05Aug16), and before introducing musician Justin Timberlake as a presenter at the event, she reminisced about how his music helped set the stage for her epic rap battle with Lindsay back in the day.

“I made a movie, Freaky Friday, with a young Lindsay Lohan," she said. "We were in a car, and I was pretending to be young. She was pretending to be old, I think it’s sort of still happening.

“His (Timberlake’s) song was on the radio, and the song was called Like I Love You. And in the middle of this fabulous song that Lindsay and I were listening to, there was a rap by this artist named Clipse in the middle of this song, and Lindsay Lohan and I sat in a car for five hours writing these lyrics and playing this song back trying to lip-sync battle it.”

Scream Queens star Jamie Lee considers her lengthy musical exchange with Lindsay one of her best on-set memories.

“It was truly one of the most fun times I’ve ever had in my life, that three hours with Lindsay listening to the music of Justin Timberlake,” she smiled.

Curtis and Lohan remain close to this day, and she recently reached out to wish the Mean Girls star a happy birthday when she turned 30 on 2 July (16).

"I wish you a happy birthday," Jamie Lee said in a pre-recorded video greeting posted online. "I wish you a happy life, a happy man and some happy babies... The really good news about you getting older is that you're so old now that you can do a remake of Freaky Friday where you're playing the mum."