The Halloween icon was one of the inspirations for Ryan Murphy's new TV anthology series, and he was adamant on having her onboard for the project, previously saying he wasn't going to do the show if she wasn't a part of it.

And while Curtis loved the concept and script, she knew she couldn't accept a role because the programme filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana - far away from her home in California.

She says, "(It was) the easiest no I ever said. My son is still in high school, and I am the matriarch of my family... So I literally said the word 'bummer'. I'm 56, and I said the word 'bummer'. I walked away from this."

But Murphy refused to accept no for an answer and rearranged the filming schedule just so the actress could film her scenes all at once - and spend as little time away from her family as possible.

She agreed to the compromise and gushes over her role in the show, saying, "If you took every job I’ve ever done and boil it down, it’s going to boil down to be Scream Queens.

"I want to be the voice of reason: 'This is the best f**king job you will ever have. You will never have more fun. You will never make more money. This is as good as it gets in our industry'."

Scream Queens, which also stars Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande, will premiere in America on 22 September (15).