Jamie Lee Curtis adopted a dog to combat her lonely feelings.

The 'Scream Queens' star has been keeping large rescue dogs for three decades but decided to adopt little Runi - a one-year-old terrier-poodle mix - when her children flew the nest.

She said: ''I have missed a small, warm connection. Both my children are adults - my daughter's 30, my son is 21. I'm married 32 years. I'm alone a lot of the day.

''And I realised I had this very emotional response to wanting another connection dog that was mine, who was my dog.''

And the 58-year-old actress - who has Annie, 30, and Thomas, 21, with her husband Christopher Guest - says Runi is already part of the family.

She added to People magazine: ''I had a small white dog that I rescued 35 years ago. His name was Clark the No Bark Dog and he looked very much like Runi. My criteria were small, because I didn't want another big dog, soft, because I am super tactile, and quiet.

''He's just been so unbelievably sweet and loving. You give love, you give care and warmth, tenderness, fun, toys, safety, and they give love. It is that connection. It is this reciprocity of love.''

Meanwhile, Jamie previously claimed Hollywood is ''a very cruel business.''

She said: ''It's a very cruel business. It's humiliating to see the media frenzy that occurs when somebody gets older and they don't look the way they used to look. I want to make sure I leave on my own terms. I don't want to be punished for the natural evolution of the human being.

''[My father] used to walk into a restaurant and preen and pose. The public attention was very important; I don't need it. I'm recognisable, sure. But I have a quiet life.''