Jamie Lee Curtis made a rare acting appearance on TV last night as she reunited with her 'Freaky Friday' co-star Mark Harmon on the CBS drama 'Ncis,' playing a potential new love interest for Harmon's character Special Agent Gibbs. The plot line involved Curtis' character Dr Samantha Ryan working with the 'Ncis' agents to investigate the alleged suicide of Navy reservist and psychiatrist Dr. Robert Banks, reports The Huffington Post.
However, as tends to be the way of things, such a close working environment inevitably gave way to the suggestion that there might be something between the two characters, and sexual tension heightened during a telephone conversation between them during which Curtis' character asked him if he wanted to have breakfast. Gibbs question of "Are you asking me on a date, Ryan?" was met with the reply "It's in the middle of the night, Gibbs. You tell me."
Jamie Lee Curtis hasn't been seen acting on television screens since as far back as 2005 when she appeared in the TV movie 'A Home For The Holidays' and hasn't had a major role on the small screen since her Golden Globe nominated role in 1995's 'The Heidi Chronicles.' Bar a couple of early one-off appearances on the likes of 'Columbo' and 'Quincy M.E' it was on the film where she made her first breakthrough, starring in the thriller 'Halloween' in 1978, spawning her career on the silver screen.