Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has declared she's "speechless" at the long list of glowing reviews she's had for her role in the remake of classic Disney comedy Freaky Friday.

Curtis, who took on the role after Annette Bening dropped out, appears as a mother who switches bodies with her teen daughter, played by newcomer LINDSAY LOHAN.

And not only has the movie taken in a solid $22.3 million (GBP13.94 million) this weekend (08-10AUG03) to land in second place at the American box office, it's also earned Curtis a bundle of glowing reviews - with some critics even predicting an OSCAR nomination for the comeback actress.

Referring to her critically-slammed 1999 thriller, Curtis says, I'm the actress who was in the movie VIRUS. You can only imagine how gratifying it is. I'm 44 years old and I've been an actress for 25 years. For somebody who is loquacious, I'm almost speechless."

The TRADING PLACES star credits her decision to show off her body with all of its flaws in MORE magazine last year (02) as the main reason why she was considered for the role.

She notes, "Because that magazine was on the stand is the reason, I think, why Disney, when Annette Bening pulled out of the movie, went, 'Who are we gonna hire who's 45? Ooh, her.' I swear it's because of that. And that came about because of my own personal transformation."

12/08/2003 01:38